Celebrating the life story of every guest

December 19, 2016

a dozen roses, a birthday cake and 600 muffins

Dear Palm Garden Family,

Our Palm Garden Family celebrates the life story of every guest resident and family member entrusted to our care. We believe there is nothing more important we can do in fact, then make things better physically, emotionally, and spiritually for those we serve. We even have a system in place that encourages our team members to do this. GEMS.

Big or small, GEM’s are about understanding the life story and then putting empathy in action. GEMS aren’t about the money spent, the size or scope- they’re not even about the number of team members involved. GEMS are about activating our empathy based on life story details and then doing something special to brighten a day. Check out a couple of recent examples of GEMpathy:


Celebrating Life – Veteran’s Day

November 22, 2016

Hello Palm Garden Family, And what a beautiful afternoon it is! If you turn on the news there’s a lot of talk about what’s going to happen next. I could hear anxiety and fear over healthcare reform. I heard pundits speculate that our current healthcare system will be pulled back entirely. Others said nothing is… Read more »