Celebrating Life – Veteran’s Day

Nov 22, 2016 | Blog

Celebrating Life the Palm Garden Way

Hello Palm Garden Family, And what a beautiful afternoon it is! If you turn on the news there’s a lot of talk about what’s going to happen next. I could hear anxiety and fear over healthcare reform. I heard pundits speculate that our current healthcare system will be pulled back entirely. Others said nothing is going to change. And then The Washington Post had an article yesterday that kind of confirmed all of the speculation:

“While it’s pretty much a given that the Affordable Care Act won’t survive a Trump presidency and Republican Congress in its current form, there are sweeping implications of reversing a law that has reached in so many ways into our health care system. The government has never undone a major benefits program after it has taken effect — and neither the incoming administration nor GOP lawmakers know exactly how they’ll replace it.” (Cha and Goldstein, 11/17) I think it’s clear all the anxiety stems from the words “sweeping implications.” Right? How will this affect us?

Here’s the thing though, we’ve seen sweeping reforms before. And we have faith in a guiding principal: “Providing person centered care while celebrating the life story of each and every person entrusted to our care is the right thing to do.” It’s what I want for my Dad, it’s what you want for yours. We rely on our faith and our guiding principles- Mission, Vision, Values and Commitments with the understanding that they are what make us successful. We focus on the things we control, and we do what we do the Palm Garden Way:

VFW flag presentation for Ms. Clara“The VFW came to do a Ceremony and flag folding in honor of Veteran’s Day, they honored Ms. Clara H. She’s 101 years old and a Veteran of the Armed Forces. That means she was an active service member back in the 30’s and 40’s- turbulent times. Well when I told them her story they were so delighted that they presented her with the Flag of United States in honor of her service. The ceremony was so moving. She was very grateful to be recognized but really the pleasure was ours. Our residents, guests and family members were truly honored to have our Country’s Serviceman here on such a special day.“
–Cheryl Gagnon and Michele Forney, Palm Garden of Tampa

“We held an event today worthy of the sacrifice our guests, residents and family members made as members of the armed forces. Dr. Mitnick and PG Podiatry brought military vehicles and artifacts to our center. Congressman Gus Bilarakus presented our heroes with service certificates in honor of their sacrifice and service. We held the ceremony out front and it was just such a beautiful day. Our team members were moved by the words spoken and the pride on the faces of our treasured elders.”
–Sandy Hill and Debbie Gilmore, Palm Garden of Clearwater

VFW flag folding ceremony on Veteran's Day

It’s not often I can’t find words to express my feelings of gratitude but in this case I can’t. So like most of us, I’ll fall back on what my mom taught me when I was a little kid- “simple is better.” To our service men and women- the Palm Garden Family says “thank you.”

Regardless of what occurs in the coming weeks months and even years- we as the Palm Garden Family will be successful. Amidst all the anxiety and turmoil of potential reforms, these three things will always be true: We will celebrate the life story of those entrusted to our care, we will celebrate each other, and it will be our pleasure.

Kind regards,
Luke Neumann
Senior Director of Service And Relationship Development