Celebrating the life story of every guest

Dec 19, 2016 | Blog

A dozen roses, a birthday cake and 600 muffins graphic

Dear Palm Garden Family,

Our Palm Garden Family celebrates the life story of every guest resident and family member entrusted to our care. We believe there is nothing more important we can do in fact, then make things better physically, emotionally, and spiritually for those we serve. We even have a system in place that encourages our team members to do this. GEMS.

Big or small, GEM’s are about understanding the life story and then putting empathy in action. GEMS aren’t about the money spent, the size or scope- they’re not even about the number of team members involved. GEMS are about activating our empathy based on life story details and then doing something special to brighten a day. Check out a couple of recent examples of GEMpathy:

From Ashley Peters and our Vero Beach Family:

“Mr. J came to us just after Thanksgiving. We found out he had a birthday during his hospital stay when we looked at his face sheet.  Could you imagine? Of all the places to be on your birthday! We could see he was a little sad and clearly didn’t feel special. We decided to make it better. We put together The Palm Garden Family Choir (a group of team members including Directors) and sang him Happy Birthday. We made a celebration for him in the therapy gym complete with cake and candles. You just should have seen his face light up!”

From our Tampa Family:

“We found out Mr. P, one of our guests, was about to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary. His whole family came with his wife to take him out for a dinner celebration. We arranged for his doctor to see him, clear the short diversion and make sure he was safe medically.  But while he was out, we picked up a dozen red roses and a card. We wrote the card to his lovely wife from him. “My Dear Heart, Thank you for 50 wonderful years and a beautiful family,” and signed his name. When they returned to his room Mrs. P was overcome. It was that little something that made Mr. P feel like a husband again, and Mrs. P feel like a wife. The family was so appreciative that they returned after the weekend in a van with 600 home-made muffins for our entire center.”

Big or small, you can’t put a price on human emotion, a restored smile nor a rekindled relationship. Flat screen televisions, hard wood floors, amenities and private rooms all make a fantastic impression. But nothing will ever beat a friendly smile. Team members who take the time to learn life’s stories with love in their heart- providing World Class person centered care- that’s what keeps our guests, residents and family members coming back.

Warm regards,
Luke Neumann
Senior Director of Service
And Relationship Development