Christmas Gem

Dec 23, 2016 | Blog

A Christmas GEM graphic

Good Morning Palm Garden Family,

It is such an honor to be a member of the Palm Garden Family. It really is. When you think about all of the good things that happen here every day it kind of blows your mind. I hope you get a chance to take a second and reflect on what it means to be a member of the Palm Garden Family and the impact you have on those entrusted to your care. You deserve it! You should be so proud!

Our mission is to enrich the lives of those entrusted to our care. We ease pain with compassion. We help folks heal where there is injury. We restore independence. While we are doing all of that we celebrate the life story and we are good at what we do.

How many folks get to say that? “I’m really-really good at what I do.” Well you can most certainly say it.

And then think back to Mrs. McCarver’s decision just a few years ago. When she asked God, based on her faith, if she should start a healthcare company and provide care to our treasured elders the way He would want it done.

His answer is the reason we are all here.

Based on all of the GEMS, all of the stories, all of the good will from the last 2 years- do you think it’s possible that God isn’t involved in what we do every day? No.

Want a reminder? Read the GEM below. It comes to us from Jera Figueras, Director of Rehabilitation for our Palm Garden of Ocala Family. A guest stopped her this week and shared this story:

“I just want to tell you how blessed you are to have one of the nicest people work here in your center. I was in therapy earlier this week and told my therapist, Trish (Patrisha Kowalchuk, COTA) that I’ve been feeling down lately. It’s just so close to Christmas and here I am in Palm Garden- away from my home. I haven’t been able to shop because I’m here. I can’t do all the normal stuff I do every year at Christmas- I can’t shop for my kids or my grandkids. Christmas is supposed to be about the kids and I can’t even make them feel special. I can’t spend time with my friends like I usually do. We always gathered at my house and shared stories about the holidays. Some good- some bad- it wasn’t about that- it was about being together with my friends and loving on my family.
Well I said all this to Trish and do you know what she said? She said I should give her a shopping list and she’ll do all my shopping.
I was really kind of taken aback and asked if she was serious? When she told me yes she would do it, I handed her some money. She said “catch me later, don’t worry about it.”
A few days later Trish showed up with her daughter and all these wrapped presents. Trish left the room so quick I didn’t get a chance to talk to her so I asked her daughter how much I owed them. Do you know what she said? Trish’s daughter said “oh my Mama didn’t tell you? You don’t owe us a thing.” Trish’s daughter said that.
I can’t begin to tell you how much this lifted me up. Not only do I have presents for my children, I have them too for my grandkids and great grandchildren!
I didn’t want to tell you this earlier because I didn’t want her to be in trouble if this is something that she isn’t supposed to do. But I just don’t care at this point, it was so kind and so generous that I had to tell you. It just made me so happy!”

What an example of GEMpathy, Respect and Dignity!
Evelyn with a worry doll

How about another holiday example of The Palm Garden Way? It comes to us from our Sun City Center Family:

Evelyn is a worrier. I saw this doll in a magazine. I ordered it and gave it to Evelyn as a present for Christmas. It’s a worry doll with a zipper mouth. I explained to her that all you have to do is write your worry down and feed it to the doll. After the doll eats your worry, you don’t have to worry anymore because it is gone. She really liked that and was tickled that we recognized her worries and wanted to help her put them away.

What a great example of taking ownership of and immediately resolving guest’s problems!

Mrs. McCarver reminded us in her Christmas message the passage John 3:16: “For God so LOVED the world, that He gave His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” What amazing sacrificial love!!

Our gift this Christmas is each other – our acres and acres of diamonds – who never have to worry about “getting in trouble” for going the extra mile. We are so proud of our Palm Garden Family!

Warm regards and Merry Christmas,
Luke Neumann
Senior Director of Service
And Relationship Development