The Daily Visit 

Nov 7, 2018 | Blog

Chaplain Bobby GIFFrom the desk of the Chaplain:

I have another wonderful observation. For the last few weeks, I have been talking with spouses’ of residents. Our conversations sometime are funny and other times they are very serious. However, sharing their heart is hard to do without tears and memories. I often hear I remember when, I remember where, and I remember how. Each time a story is shared the person smile or has a little smirk on their face. After talking for a few minutes, the person hurries to visit their spouse carrying wonderful surprises of love in large or small bags. As I watch the person walk to the room, their steps quicken to see the familiar face and to hear the familiar voice.

As the day progresses, the spouse is doing their best to take care of their lover, partner, and friend. Sometimes they are talking about day’s events, sometimes they are watching their favorite program or sometimes they are both asleep in the room. It is that closeness, that nearness, that being right here, offers comfort to both of them. As the day ends, the spouse leaves a little weary, but eager to come back tomorrow. I guess that must be love.

Love in life takes a lot of turns. It moves in directions that only the heart can determine. Yet, as I watch a spouse leave only to return again the next day—love always comes home to where your heart is safe.

I never thought of that before. I hope all of us have a safe harbor for our hearts’.

Best Regards,

Chaplain Bobby Hinton