Helpful tips on building a resume that will get you noticed by employers!

Nov 15, 2018 | Blog

You have passed your State Boards and now you are ready to tackle the work force, however you have no idea how to write a resume that will get you noticed by a prospective employer!

For some positions, recruiters may receive literally hundreds of resumes, therefore you want your resume to be the one that stands out and gets the call back.

Palm Garden Healthcare would like to help make this process a bit easier and a bit more stress free with helpful tips on resume writing, so that you can be the most successful in landing your dream job!

  • Incorporate “key words” or “buzz words” such as “team player” or “accomplished” or “developed” in the text of your resume but try not to go overboard with too many cliché terms.
  • Know the job you are applying for and then tailor your resume to reflect your experience and how it is relevant to that position.
  • Make sure your resume is formatted nicely and that it has been spell checked and proofed. Keep your font sizes and font styles consistent throughout the document and make sure it does not contain too much content so that it looks too congested.
  • Use an eye-catching header but try to stay clear of “objectives” (they are no longer used). Your header should be in ALL CAPS and located under your name and contact information.
  • Make sure your contact information is correct and lists both your best contact number as well as an email address. Try to give that recruiter as many options as you can to contact you. There is nothing more discouraging for a recruiter than to view a resume of what appears to be the “perfect candidate” only to find that their contact number or email is incorrect or completely missing!
    • Think about how you are presenting yourself to that organization as the ideal candidate if you are not proofing your own contact information.
  • Do not write your prior employment duties as a job description. The recruiter is already aware of the job description for the position they are looking to fill. Showcase your skills, qualifications and achievements that made a difference for that organization!
  • Do not be negative regarding past employers. Do not list personal details of your life (ex., marital status, your age, names of children or your social security number). Just stick to your career facts and details.
  • Do not worry about keeping your resume to one page. If you have been in the workforce over 10 years it would be hard to try to trim all your accomplishments to one page, however try not to make it unnecessarily long.
  • Your chances of having your resume reviewed by a recruiter is greatly increased if you have a cover letter with it. Therefore, unless the employer states a cover letter is not needed, it would be beneficial to write one.

To assist you in building the perfect resume in order to land that ideal job, we have included a helpful link to a correctly formatted resume:

Palm Garden Healthcare wishes you luck in your job search and happy resume writing!

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