Making the best impression during your interview to land that perfect job!

Dec 5, 2018 | Blog

As we continue our series where we previously discussed why skilled nursing is a challenging and skill building setting to work in and how to build your resume to get noticed by recruiters, we now want to focus on how to land that perfect job with a successful interview.

Your resume has been noticed by a recruiter and you received the call you have been waiting for. To come in for an interview. However, you want this job badly. Now you need to know what to do to be the one selected.

One of the most crucial aspects of the interviewing process is the first impression that the interviewer gets from the candidate. It is said that some interviewers/employers know within the first thirty seconds of the interview whether that candidate has any possibility of getting hired; and if you are competing against more than one qualified candidate, you need to make sure you shine brighter than the rest!

Here are a few helpful tips on making the best impression during an interview:

1)  Practice – No one is trained on how to interview, however with the technology of today it is easier than ever to research “commonly asked interview questions” and practice your answers as well as your interviewing technique.

2)  Wear appropriate interview attire – Know the environment/position you are interviewing for and dress appropriately. Dressing appropriately and professionally as well as being pleasing to the eye of the interviewer or potential supervisor is equally as important as the contents of your resume. Remember, you would be a representation of that organization if selected and that is what your potential employer will be thinking about.

  • For the ladies: Try to stay clear of low cut tops or dresses, and short skirts. Wear comfortable shoes and keep your makeup simple. Keep your party outfits for your nights out.
  • For the gents: If you do not have a nice suit and tie, try to at least wear a button-down dress shirt with a tie and slacks. At a minimum, a dress shirt and slacks if you do not have a tie. Try to stay clear of jeans or shorts and sneakers or sandals. For an executive level position, a suit and tie are expected.
  • Now, as a healthcare provider, we have been asked numerous times if a candidate can come to an interview in their scrubs (if they are coming to the interview straight from their current employer). Each organization has varying standards, so it is best to ask that question when being scheduled for the interview. At Palm Garden Healthcare, we have no issues with having nurses or nursing assistants attend their interview in scrubs, however, keep in mind that they should look clean and be wrinkle-free. If you tend to get your scrubs soiled while at work, maybe bring an interview outfit with you to change into.

3)   Prepare yourself – know the organization you are looking to work for. Spend time researching their website or speak with someone you may know who currently works for that organization or previously worked for them. Interviewers like to know you have taken the time to investigate them. After all, you as the candidate should be interviewing the organization just as much as they are interviewing you!

4)   Review the job posting and its details – Know everything you can about the job and what the employer is looking for. Also, highlight your resume and cover letter to showcase the skills and details that you currently have that match what they are looking for.

5)   Perfume or Cologne – Try to apply very little cologne or perfume prior to your interview. You never want anything to distract the interviewer from you as the ideal candidate because your perfume or cologne is overwhelming to them or if it affects their allergies. Try not to be the candidate they only remember as the person whose perfume was too strong.

6)   Relax – Even though interviews are stressful remember, they chose you out of several applicants! So, take a deep breath prior to the interview and concentrate on letting your light shine! Try to also think positive and smile during the interview process, but do not overdo it. Be natural. Be yourself.

7)   Show them why you are the best fit for the job & show enthusiasm – As a Recruiter, there is nothing better than listening to someone talk about their passion for why they want to do what they do for employment. We are looking for passionate, enthusiastic people, not just a resume. Therefore, elaborate on topics from your resume, be specific and prove to them why you are the best fit for the job!

8)   Lastly, follow up after the interview – Follow up in the form of a note, email or even a phone call is always a good way to make a final best impression. Thank them for taking the time out of their day to meet with you. It shows that you care about the opportunity and can also leave a way open for them to contact you again if any follow up questions need to be answered.

Remember, all the points listed in this article can be a reflection of you and of your representation of their organization if selected, so be yourself, be confident and be prepared and we are sure that you will land that perfect job!

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