Become a Certified Nursing Assistant with Palm Garden Healthcare’s C.N.A. sponsorship program!

Jan 15, 2019 | Blog

Choose healthcare in 2019, by changing your career and becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant with Palm Garden Healthcare’s C.N.A. sponsorship program!

Sometimes a person may know their whole life the career they want to be in when they grow up. Other times we do what we can to make a living for our families. But what if you had the opportunity to receive the training you needed to change your career by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, with no cost to you?

At Palm Garden Healthcare, we are a family of healthcare providers with a purpose to serve others. We invest in people, both our residents, guests, team members and those with the heart and desire to give that same love and compassion to serve those who cannot care for themselves! It is what makes us Unique, Different, Special & Elite and we want you to join the journey…. It’s the Palm Garden Way!

That is why Palm Garden Healthcare is proud to announce our C.N.A sponsorship program! If you have ever considered a career in healthcare by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, let us share with you just a few of the benefits you can look forward to by working in the healthcare setting:

1) You will be in demand! – About half of the fastest growing jobs in the labor market are in healthcare. That not only will open a variety of opportunities to you, but it also means you will most likely not have any difficulties finding employment.

2) Opportunities available – There are so many directions a career in healthcare can lead you to. Palm Garden Healthcare recognizes this, that is why by becoming a full-time C.N.A with Palm Garden Healthcare you also qualify for our tuition reimbursement program! After one year of full-time employment, we offer you up to $750 per semester to use toward your education and training if you choose to further your healthcare career by becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN)! In addition to this program, we hire new graduates, that means not having to wait to work in your new role! After becoming a licensed nurse, you then have even MORE opportunities available to you to continue to further your nursing career; you can go into management, wound care, education plus much more!

3) Endless satisfaction – When you work in healthcare you are helping others and changing their lives for the better. That satisfaction contributes to their quality of life as well as yours!

A career in healthcare is exciting and every day is a new and different experience. As a C.N.A you get the opportunity to work and interact with many different people every day; not only your patients but also doctors and other medical staff.

With the Palm Garden Healthcare C.N.A sponsorship program, you can be hand-selected by an Executive Director at one of our 15 locations throughout Florida to receive free training to become a C.N.A! Once you pass your State of Florida board certification exam you will have a position waiting for you at one of our beautiful skilled nursing centers and can then embark on your life-long, exciting healthcare career! (a one-year commitment is required).

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, contact Denise Treece, Recruiter at 941-313-5452 or email to You can also walk into one of our centers near you to fill out an application and speak with one of our human resource managers about this program!

Join us on our journey by making a difference and to enrich the lives of those we serve – one life story at a time!



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