June is National Safety Month!

Jun 24, 2019 | Blog

What is National Safety Month and why is it so important for our team members in Palm Garden Healthcare centers? “National Safety Month’s main focus is on reducing the leading causes of injury at work, on the road and in our homes and communities.” (“June is National Safety Month,” 2019). It is observed annually every June.

As providers of skilled nursing care for both geriatric and adult patients in the long-term care setting as well as short term rehab, we take both our residents’ safety and the safety of our team members very seriously.

The safety of employees in their workplace is vital for their well-being as well as for the employer. There can be many hazards that present themselves in the workplace and it is the responsibility of the employer to keep their employees safe from such hazards.

Because of the importance of regulating and monitoring workplace hazards, OSHA (U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration), developed guidelines for health and safety and they ensure that these guidelines are followed, or an organization can risk violations which can even lead to the shutdown of a business if not followed.

Having health and safety procedures in place in your workplace is vital as it reduces employee illnesses and injuries greatly. They help both the employee and employer understand the potential hazards that might be in the workplace environment.

Along with having procedures in place, training is equally important. Educating team members on workplace procedures, practices, and behaviors that can prevent possible injuries and illnesses or contamination have proven important and effective in reducing workplace incidents.

According to OSHA, the potential hazards in the workplace can range from contamination of food due to unsafe handling or preparation practices to an infectious disease outbreak due to improper hygiene and/or personal care.

Not only must practices and procedures be in place for residents and healthcare professionals alike in a skilled nursing center, but for support staff as well such as maintenance technicians, who keep our centers mechanically operational. Proper handling, maintenance, and storage of chemicals, gases or hazardous materials must be followed by handling guidelines set by OSHA as well as having emergency and evacuation plans in place.

So what measures do Palm Garden Healthcare centers take to combat these important issues and to help our team members work and operate in a safe environment? Palm Garden Healthcare has instituted a safety task force that routinely monitors and educates our team members on many issues such as slip, trip and fall prevention, material handling in healthcare, security for healthcare centers and violence in the workplace to name a few. We also partner with PMA Companies and Bouchard Wellness to keep our centers pro-active both in their safety as well as to have safe practices and procedures in place to help bring them back to work as soon as possible.

It is the goal of Palm Garden Healthcare to provide not only superior medical care and support to our residents and their families, but to also keep our team members safe, healthy and happy and to continue to grow their careers with us every day!

If you are a healthcare professional or a healthcare support professional and have the desire to become part of an industry leading team of professionals, explore our rewarding opportunities today! We have 15 locations throughout the State of Florida! Visit: https://palmgarden.com/careers to view our current openings and submit your resume!


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