Does your organization allow you to grow professionally?

Sep 30, 2019 | Blog

Many times, as we graduate from high school, we set our sites on starting our life on our own. We crave the excitement of being young and free, away from the rules and demands of our elders. Sometimes people go straight to college or they may take a bit of time off to explore life and the world around us.

Then life and all its details take hold. We have rent to pay, car payments, possibly children to feed and many other expenses that need to be paid. We must work to pay those expenses. Without a degree in a specific career field, we may have to take any job that will help us pay those expenses. Sometimes even two jobs are necessary. As time passes the demands of life grow and the thoughts of going back to school get farther away from what may be reality. You may be thinking “I have to work full time just to pay my bills, how am I going to afford to go back to school as well?”

Many organizations may offer tuition reimbursement programs, but do they also offer you the opportunity to have a flexible work schedule that will allow you to more effectively meet the demands of your full-time job, a school caseload, plus your family obligations? If you complete your degree does your current employer hire new graduates or will you have to find a new job altogether just to work in that new career field? Will they provide you mentorship? There are also some healthcare institutions that will not even hire Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) at all!

Palm Garden Healthcare does! Not only does Palm Garden Healthcare offer up to $750 per semester towards furthering your education with our tuition reimbursement program, but they may be able to offer more flexible schedules to work with you while you are going to school. Plus, for many of our nursing positions, we hire new graduates and provide mentorship to help you be as prepared as possible to be successful in your new career! Palm Garden Healthcare employs C.N.A’s, LPN’s and RN’s!

If you are looking to start your career in healthcare by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.), Palm Garden Healthcare can help you attain that goal by providing FREE training if you are accepted into our C.N.A sponsorship program. Or, if you are already a C.N.A or LPN and want to further your career by becoming a Registered Nurse (RN), Palm Garden Healthcare’s tuition reimbursement program would be an excellent resource to make that dream a reality!

Our tuition reimbursement program is also an excellent resource if you are already an RN and want to further your career by getting certified into a specialty such as wound care, MDS Coordinator or Quality Assurance, to name a few.

If you are interested in becoming part of an organization that not only provides superior care to our residents and their families, but also offers growth opportunities and mentorship to our team members, then explore the rewarding opportunities Palm Garden Healthcare has to offer!

For more details regarding our FREE C.N.A Sponsorship program please contact: Denise Treece, Recruiter at 941-313-5452 or email to:

Visit: today to view employment opportunities in our 15 locations located throughout the State of Florida!


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